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So this week… talk about not going the way I planned.  If you could see my planner… well, you’d see that nothing is checked off.  Not one single thing.  

Monday Abbi came down with a stomach bug, so of course we just spend the day cuddling and trying to make her feel better.  Tuesday was much of the same, even though she finally kept food down that day!  Then lo and behold… Wednesday was my turn… joy.  Thursday was recovering from all of it… until… Aaron’s sick debut last night.  So here we are on friday, just wiped from the week.  And all the plans I’d made… work plans, blog plans, life plans, etc…  just sat stagnant in my planner.  Until, during this hour of nap time (both Abbi and Aaron), I’m frantically trying to get *something* done.  

I did color yesterday (see above photo), pretty fancy creative, I know.  But that’s what you do when you are stuck on the couch with no brain power or energy.  Watch Downton Abby and color.  :)

Oh, and on Tuesday I managed to finally create a new Pinterest board I’d been longing to create: Pinned it, Did it, Loved it.

Some projects you’d recognize from my previous blog posts and some new favorites too, so if you’re looking for a recipe or project, tried and true… you can check out my new board!

And while you are at it, you can follow our 2create boards too!  You’ll be able to see where we draw some inspiration and see some of our fave projects we’ve done too!

Cheers to a more productive and healthier next week!



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