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December Daily and New Year Updates…

December Daily Book_0001So the 5th of last month I jumped into this December Daily project that Mom gave me the idea for.

I organized my supplies, gave myself a pep talk, and caught up with my cover and four pages of memories.  And then, as my original hesitation to this project probably foresaw… I never created any more pages.  I did keep track of some memories, with the intention of doing multiple pages at a time throughout the month, but that just didn’t happen either.  However because I did that keeping track, when I decided yesterday that I didn’t want to leave this project unfinished, I was actually able to go back and create the remaining pages for ALL of December.

I know that really wasn’t the intention of this project, in terms of doing something DAILY.  BUT, the goal of the project was to have a little book of my December memories, and I’m sure I will treasure this finished project!

December Daily Book_0003December Daily Book_0004December Daily Book_0005December Daily Book_0006December Daily Book_0007

You’ll notice that I let the paper and photos do most of the decorating, and stuck to those little puzzle pieces as the main embellishments, but I think that actually helps it look like one cohesive project, not just a mish-mash of randomness!

I’m excited to get this little book all bound up and ready to share in my home!  And I’m excited that I started off this year by actually finishing a project from last year!  It feels like tying up loose ends, and gives me that extra motivation to keep moving forward!

Speaking of moving forward, my New Year’s Resolutions… I’m killing them.  There isn’t a box or task I’ve left un-checked!  Boom, I’ll take it for the one week of awesome progress that it is!  :D


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