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New Year – New Start!

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I love love LOVE the New Year!  I feed off that excited feeling I get from making new goals and new plans and new starts… new everything (you get the idea!)!  The possibilities are endless!

Realistically, I know I probably won’t succeed in all the areas I plan for… but if I can accomplish a couple of new goals, that’s more than I was doing last year!  And I’d call that a success!

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To clear my head and start planning, I first cleared this physical space.  My desktop… I work here, I blog here, I facebook and pinterest here, sometimes I watch tv here… it’s MY spot.  

My sticky notes are handy, my sweet fix is ready, and a little dose of inspiration to boot!  (hello: clearance calendars before the new year even started?!)

And then I’ve got my stack o’ books and planners and journals and list-making stuff.  As much time as I spend at my desk/computer… I can’t ditch the physical books and planners.  I need to write, not type.  It helps me keep focused!

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And then came the actual goal planning for the next year!  My sister Becca challenged me (among others) to a squat/push-up/plank/crunch series for the month of January, so I hopped on that train and wrote in each days little workout.  

And then for the first time in my adult life I attempted to plan out some sort of household/cleaning schedule.  It was really bugging me at the end of the year how things would pile up in various rooms/get dirty.  But I didn’t do anything about it, and it was leading to a lot of frustration.  So I’m attempting a couple of tasks daily, a couple of tasks once a week, and then on a couple of the lighter days each week I have written down “+occasional task”.  And in the back of my planner I have a big list of “occasional tasks” to choose from.  Think: vacuuming under the couch cushions and cobweb patrol and washing some baseboards.  

And then my favorite part of this year’s plan: 10-minute Goals!  

You can read the list up there, but my goal is to do 6-10 of these ten minute goals each day.  Meaning that by the end of the week I will have done everything on that list at least twice!  There is something about breaking it down into simple tasks, some personal, some home/work related, and with some built-in flexibility that I feel like this really has the potential to succeed!  I only wrote this list throughout the month of January in my planner, and then the list may get modified… but I’d really like to try to stick to these ten minute goals this year!

Also, this planner just has these personal goals in it — not my work/life schedule — so that little writing space at the bottom of each day I plan on using to document something from that day.  A memory, a piece of gratefulness, an idea, etc…  a year of those pieces of documentation might be pretty fun!

And yes, btw, if you hadn’t caught on… I do have two planners.  One that will focus more on appts and work and blog tasks (the same planner I’ve been using for years now!), and then this one which focuses more on personal goals/life (a new personalized planner a friend so thoughtfully gifted me!)!  I LOVE planning, so this just makes sense to me in my head, and I’m excited for the possibilities it holds! :D

So cheers to a new year, new plans, and new possibilities!


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