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Playing with Frosting: 2014 Christmas Cookies


Just too much fun. I look forward to this every year!

I love decorating cookies at the holidays. Some years I just can’t accomplish all the steps that creating these Christmas treats take. But as often as I can make time and space to roll out the dough and mix up bowls of colorful frosting, I do it! 


Frosting and decorating these familiar Christmas shapes even more fun with frosting buddies. Often my children are at the table with me, and over the years they’ve all become quite creative cookie decorators. I won’t say that we all have amazing frosting skills, but we definitely get extra points for originality and uniqueness.


We have often had personal challenges, exacting artwork, “how much frosting and candy will mom let us get away with on one cookie” creations, and more. A few times, we’ve had boy scouts (but never girl scouts), young friends, or teen friends at the table.


This year I had two frosting buddies: my son Robert, and his girlfriend Rachel, who was spending a couple days with us. (Which was delightful! I’m so excited she’s coming back soon!)



We sat around a table laden with bags and bowls and bottles of assorted sprinkles, sugars, candy and frosting. So many choices! Lively conversation interspersed with silent concentration ended suddenly when my son’s new laptop computer was delivered. He was waiting for that UPS truck like a 6 year old waits for Santa’s sleigh. The UPS truck was indeed Santa’s sleigh for him this year!


I finished off the last 1/3rd of the blank cookies myself before cleaning up the colorful disaster that my table had become! I have such a clean up routine by now that I actually refuse all offers of help and just blast through it. 

We might skip the food marking pens next time… do you think that one angel looks a little scary? 


And then I got to admire the cookies, and try not to eat the cutest or cleverest ones before taking their pictures for sharing. Storing these is always a problem. Often they live as they are right now, on the cooling racks. Not elegant, but convenient, what else can I say? 


My favorites are the holly leaves with red hots for the berries. I always make sure to cut out plenty of holly leaves and have Cinnamon Imperials aka red hots on hand. They taste best of all on the second day… mmmmm! There needs to be plenty of holly leaf cookies available for both me AND to share ;) 


I use a particular cookie dough recipe that is not rich or sweet, so you can pile on the toppings like crazy! It can be found *here* … hoping to sneak this link to our original blog past Sam ;) 

Cookies today were decorated by all three of us. I’m not putting names to cookies because I think they all rock!

Happy Merry!


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