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I hope you got that title, a pun on our blog name ;) 

On a recent VERY gloomy fall day, I captured a few sights that caught my atttention for their lines, their rhythm, and their contrast. 

Mother Nature is creating some skylights in these leaves…



I had been challenged to do that 5×5 Black and White Photo Challenge that’s going around Facebook. I bailed on nominating five people to do the challenge, but I took the photography opportunity to play with, and possibly learn something, about working in black and white. 


This is what I’ve gotten creative with lately, and I’m thinking I will explore more black and white photography just for the fun of it. It’s brain-stretching for this color-oriented person LOL


My shaggy shaggy oak tree…


Thanks for looking :) Recipes are in the works! That’s creative in a whole different way, isn’t it?

Happy snapping!


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