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A Snowy Adventure

snowy getaway_0002

You guys.  Seriously.  How gorgeous is that?  We’ve been home for almost a week now, and I’m still in awe of the snowy scenery we got to experience last week.

And by we, I mean me and Aaron.  

Just me and Aaron.  

(well, and the Bean I guess, but I’m not sure she really counts in that respect yet)

Mom (and Dad) watched Abbi and our dog, which I will forever be grateful for.  This was our first, yes first getaway without Abbi in her 15 months of existence!  Between no diapers and 9 degree snowy weather… let’s just say it was a very refreshing trip!  :)

snowy getaway_0001snowy getaway_0003snowy getaway_0004

Part of our adventure was the fact that we were SO unprepared for the weather.  In the busyness that has been our life lately we both packed the morning we left and neither of us checked the weather of our destination, so when we started encountering snow somewhere between Portland and The Dalles we were surprised to say the least.  And I’m not talking a little snow flurry, I’m talking 6-10 inches in places overnight.  But that just made for some good memories… some soggy clothes and being a little bit cold too, but definitely good memories!

Thankfully, unlike the dude in that truck, our Subaru is a champ, and took us through some super snowy roads in the mountains so we could bypass highway traffic on the second day.  

And this beautiful, beautiful scenery, I’m so glad we picked the middle of nowhere to go vacation.  The middle of nowhere Oregon is beautiful!  Especially in the snow!

snowy getaway_0005snowy getaway_0006

Did I mention our getaway happened to be the week between Aaron’s and my birthdays?  So it was extra cool that to celebrate Aaron got enjoy seeing SO MANY trains (Aaron loves trains, I repeat the big old kid in Aaron LOVES trains), and I got to just PLAY with my camera.  Ooo, and read good books too (hello, Gone Girl… worth the hype!).

I get the warm and fuzzies thinking about last week.  Although looking at that last picture of me that Aaron took, I’m not sure why… brrrrrrr.  (i did mention 9 degrees, right?)


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