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Font Maniac and New Logos

Logo Process_0001

So I know I’ve been like super-lame this month.  Mom is obviously on top of it compared to me – she’s got Chocolate-Almond Drops, and Tomato Cobbler, and Cards.  While I have, umm?  Some holiday project ideas and behind the scenes work on this very blog.

Which obviously you can’t see… because well, it’s behind the scenes.  HA.

So just to continue that for (hopefully) the last week (!!!)… here’s a glimpse at how we came to our new 2Create graphic…

Logo Process_0002

Bold vs thin, scripty vs hand-written… and there were so many more choices beyond this (duh… if you haven’t heard it before, there are 400+ fonts installed on my computer).  And two of us trying to agree on something ;)

Logo Process_0003

But eventually we found a hand-written font we really loved, and a simple font that complimented it well!  And for now, we are really really happy with it!  I also kind of love that if you read it directly across it states “mom & daughter duo create little bits of this & that”.  Tricky cool, huh?  :)


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