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The Final Comparison: Abbi

Abbi Comparison_0001

You know what I realized today?  I realized I hadn’t yet processed any of the last monthly photoshoot of Abbi!  What?!  It’s been well over a month!

I realized that at about 9am, and promptly decided that’s what I would do for my post today (ta-da!)… except I have far more than the one photo I actually finished.  (Some look happier too, lol… she just didn’t want to lay down here)

BUT… here’s how today went:

Abbi climbing furniture.  Me rearranging furniture.  Abbi climbing more furniture.  Me rearranging more furniture.  Abbi climbing and falling off furniture.  Lunch.  Baby nap.  (FOR ONE HOUR ONLY?? ugh)….

and really it just continues with more of the same, except then we can add some crankiness because she didn’t take a long enough nap.  So I didn’t actually sit down at the computer to do fun stuff until… well… now.

Hence, the one photo.

Oh well… it’ll be better tomorrow because Mom is coming to babysit!  HA.

Abbi Comparison_0002

Still blowing my mind that we have a one year old.

A climbing, walking, almost running, never stops moving one year old.


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