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Attempting Watercolor


I may have mentioned that I’ve recently taken a class to learn how to keep a design journal: a place to capture the ideas, inspirations, visions that flit constantly through my head. A place to develop and play with those ideas. A place to plan an actual, real life project if I get to that point. 

I love my design journal! But I feel a bit hindered, and now I **TOTALLY GET** why I keep seeing watercolor-filled sketching in this kind of work. 


Watercolor is fast for filling an area with color. Watercolor is cheap. Watercolor makes it easy to shade and blend colors. And it’s easy to clean up. 

I get it. I see the need to master this tool of design development just as I need to master sketching. I want to be at ease with my tools — I don’t want them to be the project and right now they are. 

I’ve been practicing on these 4″ x 4″ pieces of watercolor paper. Quick and not intimidating! These are days 1, 2, and 4 in order. (I think I need a logo mug!)


It’s been a lot of fun so far. But that’s not the point.

So if after a few more weeks of youtube videos, library books and website-surfing plus lots of hands-on work I feel the need, my plan is to take a watercolor class at the local community college or adult education program. IF they offer it. Hopefully they do :) Sketching, too. 

I’ve also done some collaging exercises from the design journal class. Although I did most of them in my least-often selected colors (black, red, yellow), I had to also play with my favorite green :)

Collage exercise ---2createincolor_0001

Thanks for once again viewing my amateur art, but ya know, it’s what I’m creating these days and that’s what it’s all about here!


Get creative!


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