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What’s up Wednesday: Fall & Winter Maternity Fashion

maternity style: flannel, puffer vest,   & chunky knit scarf. perfect casual fall/ winter outfit!Last time I was pregnant, I found out in early December and really didn’t have any sort of recognizable baby-belly until March at least.  So besides the comfy maternity jeans, I really didn’t have any so-called maternity fashion until spring and summer!

This time around, it seems my belly already knows what to do.  So even though this little bean (jelly-bean btw, to match our little Skittle), is really only prune sized at the moment, I will probably have a recognizable baby-belly within a month.  ;)

But that’s ok… because I adore fall and winter clothes, and am really looking forward to dressing the bean’s bump!  :)

That photo above, that is what I adore… jeans and cozy comfort.  But ya know what makes it even better, is the styled pony and some pretty jewelry to class it up a bit!

This vest might be a good start to a new fall wardrobe.  ;)  Would work well in future un-pregnant years too.  :)

Also love colored jeans and flats and chambray shirts, as a twist on comfy but stylish.


Or how about just this comfy sweater with heart elbow patches??  :)

Long simple tops for the belly !

And I really am trying to be realistic here.  Leggings, tight shirt over the belly, and a big cozy cardigan sounds just about perfect for around the house and running a few errands.  Although, I’d probably choose boots over flats… otherwise my feet would get cold!  ;)

I’ve had my eye on this cardigan ever since a friend sent me the pin!  Birthday present anybody?  :D

Or what about a sweater dress instead of the shirt/cardigan combo?

Either way (or both ways), I’m really looking forward to a cozy fall and winter with this little baby bump!


  • Stephanie Wilkinson - As soon as you pinned that cardigan I had to have it… but of course, out of stock in ALL SIZES. What is that nonsense?!?!09.10.2014 – 1:10pmReplyCancel

    • admin - I know… probably because it’s gone pin-crazy! I keep checking back hoping they’ll re stock! :) -Sam09.10.2014 – 3:28pmReplyCancel

  • Kari - Oh, to have cute maternity clothes. My kids look at pictures of me when I was pregnant and they just howl. I wore leggings, a stripped shirt and comfy shoes but did not look ANYTHING like the girl pictured above. And unfortunately, I didn’t reserve that outfit for hanging around the house. It was my go-to out and about. Yikes! I say, go for it, the pregnancy pictures last forever. :)09.11.2014 – 6:51pmReplyCancel

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