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Crochet Props and Baby News

Twin Props_0001

So I know I’ve been a little MIA… and I was going to tell you why on Monday.  But the holiday, and Aaron home, and the MORNING SICKNESS wore me down and I never got around to posting.  Yup, in case you hadn’t heard the news yet, we are expecting baby number 2 in April!  And like I’ve heard about second babies, this one is already getting gypped by not getting its own announcement post.  I’ll have to make up for it later somehow.  ;)

In unrelated news (please, oh please, let it be unrelated), I get to photograph a set of twins in a couple of weeks!

Twins in the belly :)

One little guy and one little gal!

So yesterday, in anticipation of their arrival, I whipped up a little set of crochet newborn props.  A little blue bonnet with a matching little flower tieback.

Twin Props_0002

I’m hoping with some imagination you can picture these little babes side by side with the hat on the boy and the flower tieback on the girl.  I think it’ll make a sweet little photo!

And I’ll make sure I share the after, so you can actually see what the props look like in action, after these little bundles arrive!

And with that small feeling of satisfaction after having actually completed a project… the first since the nausea has consumed most of my days… I’ll leave you til next week!  :)


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