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A Watercolor Experiment

Watercolor Pencil Experiment_0001

So, I’ve gotta ‘do it all’ right?  Well, not really… but I wanna!  :D

And I’ve wanted watercolor pencils since I worked at the craft store, it just wasn’t something that I ever got around to buying.  (<–  not sure how that’s possible since I bought practically everything else in the store!)

I’m not really sure what my end goal is here.  Make art for my house?  eh–maybe, eventually.

For now?  Just have fun.

And today that ended up being just a big experiment.
Watercolor Pencil Experiment_0002

I had absolutely no clue how the pencils worked with the water; how much brushing would eliminate pencil lines; how concentrated the color would be; how colors would mix… you get the idea.  I didn’t know a thing.  

Except pencils.  And water.  heheWatercolor Pencil Experiment_0003

In the end I liked how this middle set of color studies turned out.  And yes, we’re going to call them ‘color studies’ because that sounds fancier… like I know what I’m doing.  (except: see above)

And my all time favorite is just those three lines, it reminds me of a whimsical dancer.  Why?  I dunno… but that’s art.  Period.

Watercolor Pencil Experiment_0004

Next time, maybe I’ll read some instructions first… maybe it’ll give me a new direction to practice.  Of course, any direction might be better than just a big experiment.  But it was fun anyway.  :)


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