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My Coffee Stitching project to go

I just picked up a new little project to take with me everywhere. 

Aren’t those floss colors gorgeous? I love them!

My Coffee Stitching project

I love having something to do to fill the little bits of time. I don’t like to be bored!

Too many times I find myself paging through Facebook or playing yet more rounds of Candy Crush Saga. While I am not going to stop doing those things, I felt the need for some choices ;)

My Coffee Stitching project to go

This little stitch kit, which doesn’t even need a hoop, is just the ticket! It will fit inside the smallest of ziptop bags, there’s no counting or complicated parts. And that floss organizer card, loaded with the correct threads just waiting for action — great idea, Dimensions!

I’ll actually take the time before I start stitching to thread up a few needles with the different thread colors needed — ready to stitch!

And I love the topic :D 

My Coffee Stitching project to go

I rarely feel like I could actually rule the world after “enough coffee” — more like I want to crawl out of my own skin LOL. Before coffee, though? I’m a zombie! Not the ruling-the-world kind of zombie.

Can’t wait to hang this on some little bit of wall space in my coffee-themed kitchen. I’ll keep you posted… 

Happy Stitching!


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