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Inspiration Week: Life & Style

Happy Birthday

1 year.  1 YEAR!!  Abbi turns 1 year on Sunday!  I can’t believe it!  So to finish up my contribution to inspiration week, here’s some birthday inspiration!  

Starting with cupcake toppers… because cupcakes, obviously.  ;)

An Adorable 1st Birthday Party with Loads of DIY Ideas!

And how cute is this decoration?  I wonder if I have time to get some Abbi pics printed up before Sunday!

pinterest girls birthday | Easy Thank You notes (1st birthday edition) | Art By Megan

I also think these cards are pretty darn cute!!  What a personal little touch!  <– pun intended

Prettiest cake smash session ever! ♡ Baby Photography | Photo Session Ideas | Props | Prop | Child Photography | Clothing Inspiration| Fashion | Pose Idea | Poses | 1st Birthday

Ugh.  I want this picture on my wall and it’s not even my baby!  Still debating about a cake smash photo shoot later in the week, but I’m pretty sure Abbi wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to take this elegant of a photo!  ;)

we will do ours at the beach - but good idea on a chair... or maybe a homemade  fun cake plate

This, however, might be a little more our style!  Especially now that Abbi is walking (yup, you heard me right)… might be easier to get her while standing!

gorgeous and awesome lifestyle smash cake by the fabulous Rachael Myers Photography!!!

Last, but not least, I think a bath in the sink makes the perfect finish to a baby birthday!

Happy birthday to Abbi!  I’ll share actual photos of her party sometime soon!



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