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Stockpiling Blank Cards

Stockpiling Blank Cards | 2Create in Color

When I was working at the craft store (wow, can’t believe I left that job almost three years ago now!), I bought a lot of stuff.  LOL.  But seriously, Mom and I were discussing recently how there are things we ended up with that we really probably didn’t *need*.  And granted, *need* is relative when you are a crafter.  But I still have items I haven’t touched since I left there.  

So in the spirit of using what I already have, I dug up one of those old purchases to make some blank cards to have on hand.  Cards that I can just grab when I want to say a quick hello, thank you, or congratulations!  

Those parts pictured above came out of a wedding invitation kit.  Which apparently I *needed* when it went on clearance for 6bucks.  

Now, it does look pretty all put together as it’s meant…

Stockpiling Blank Cards | 2Create in Color

But I think the more fun way to use them is by mixing and matching the parts to create different styles of cards.

Blank Cards_0003

I used a little less than 4 invitations worth of parts, but made 7 cards!  And I think it would be really easy to spruce them up and personalize them even more when it comes time to use one.  Like stamping ‘Congratulations!’ on the front, or adding a sweet little flower to the inside.  :)

Stockpiling Blank Cards | 2Create in Color

Especially the little cards, I think they are perfect for attaching to a gift!  And considering I paid 6bucks for this whole kit, I’d say this is a really cost-effective way to have little cards to go with everything!  Have you checked out the tiny gift cards in the gift sections of stores?  They are like a buck each!  Cute, yes… but I think these are cute too!  Especially knowing I’ll probably cute them up a little more depending on who they are going to.  :)

So maybe I did *need* this afterall.  Just three years later… 


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