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Another Studio Reorganization WIP

Wall of Shelves installed and partly filled

It’s not pretty! (and neither will these pics win any photography awards!) But my ~studio~ is almost ready to be functional in so many areas! 

I ! AM ! SO ! EXCITED !!!!! 

Limiting myself to 5 exclamation points at once. Inside my head, though, are like a million of them!!!!! (!!!!!)

These photo pairs show you what I started with this morning, and what I stopped with at dinnertime. I’ve been workin’ so hard! Here’s the way things were a few weeks ago. 

All the fabric is on shelves. <– This is HUGE! HUGE, I tell you!!!!! It may not be perfectly well-organized, but it’s searchable! Plus, see the “Biggest Benefit” at the end of the post.


My goal is to purge and use fabric until I can fit back into my 3 white bookcases. I think that’s enough. However, I may be having a temporary moment of insanity after handling all the heavy wools, thinking I was done, finding 2 more shelves worth of flannel, thinking I was done, finding another box of fabric, thinking I was done, finding ANOTHER box of fabric and then finally — FINALLY — being done.  I honestly didn’t believe I’d end up making it fit, but *I* *DID*

Fabric adoration and my Textile Collecting nature will likely raise their heads the next time I’m somewhere that yardage is being sold or given away ;) 

My new Wall o’ Shelves is organized into zones but beyond that it will need a total revamping once I go through my closet and decide what comes out to the shelves and what will be kept in my closet. Closet Maid has got to love me! Both the inside of my closet and these new shelves are CM. I highly recommend the ShelfTrack system for super-quick installation of those vertical “standards.” 


Poor books, on the floor yet again. To say nothing of my poor hands — I had loaded that bookcase in its new home behind the door, and one day later realized I needed to unload it again. Boo! I’m not putting books back into it until I absolutely have to. 

Wall of Shelves installed and partly filled

Right now, the Wall o’ Shelves is organized from right to left: A bit of stitching supplies – papercrafting and stamping – art – and then the bookcase hiding behind the door.

I mentioned the “Big Benefit” above. This is it: floor space! Flooooooooooor space! More to vacuum, but oh, man! The feeling of elbow room! When you run out of places in your room to store things UPward, it has to go somewhere and invariably you start losing floor space. And taking my crafting and sewing stuff back out the door to donations wasn’t my first choice, upward it went. Shelves! So now I own the floor again, or at least some of it! Compare the difference — some of the shots in this post are almost the same angles.

I have recovered so much floor space! My messy-art table should be able to set up tonight!

The rest is not as bad as it looks — everything sitting around just needs to be re-containerized and shuffled around like that game of Traffic Jam, or relocated. And yes, there actually is quite a bit that will be leaving the premises, but there’s also a LOT of room left on the Wall o’ Shelves :)

Happy organizing!


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