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What WAS Up On My Wednesday: My Ocean Shores



Pictures from my Wednesday at Ocean Shores, WA.

“What’s Up Wednesday” … not what *is*, but what actually *was* this very day!

My parents have had a house in Ocean Shores since the year Sam was born. While they lived there full time and we were living in this state, we visited often. More like, invaded. Since my dad passed away and my mom moved near us, we only occasionally use the house. But we went last week when daughter Becca and her boyfriend were here, and then my mom and I went back for an overnight this week, too. 

I miss those family invasions of the past, but there are signs of those visits all over the house. Piles of shells and rocks. Past craft projects of my dad’s, my own, and the kids.


Somewhere there is an amazing patriotic banner the kids and I made from colored poster board, sharpies, white out, and strips of torn gingham fabric :)

Today I also had some appreciation for some waves of the not-salt-water variety. My mom, with her cool salt and pepper waves! The wood grain of the cedar siding was vivid in the cloud-filtered light. And then one of the craft projects from years past.


The path to the actual Pacific coast is 3 blocks long. One block of houses, and about a 2-block long walk over the dunes. That walk keeps getting longer as the dunes are naturally building during the last 30 years or so. 


I went to the dunes today just to take “texture” pictures. I love taking pictures like this, as I did when I visited Arizona a couple times (see them here and here.)


Note: those specks in the picture above are not dirt on my camera lens; they are sand flies! (or something like that!) I can’t believe they showed up so well!


Today I had my macro lens on. Close-up nirvana ;) 


Wild strawberries and beach lupine grow amonst the dune grass. The typical strawberry leaf is no larger than a fingerprint from your pinkie. The lupine stars are as big around as the circle when you make an “OK” sign with your hand. 

And I had visitors. I’ve never before seen snails crawling along this path. I hope nature isn’t getting out of balance here. Um, mollusk alert!


I don’t think he knew he had breakfast on his face LOL 



I also had extra visitors while taking the pics of Mr. Snail and his friend. One picture is a tan blur — I was just pressing the shutter when I heard a “yip” close by. Two friendly Corgis (on leash!) wanted to say hi to the lady half-laying in the sand and grass. Their mom thought I might have fallen and needed help LOL After a sandy doggy-affection session, I realized just how sandy I had become. Taking nature macros is dirty work, but someone’s gotta do it :)  I wish I’d taken a couple of doggy portraits! 

Did you notice the snail eyeball looking at the camera in that last snail picture?


I love the textures and colors that nature gives us to admire. Hope you saw something interesting here, too!

Oh. I did something complicated before coffee. This sight begged to be photographed. (Yes, taking a digital picture is very complicated before caffeine!)



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