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What’s Up Wednesday: Abbi’s 10 month photos!

Abbi, 10 months_0001

Wait, what?  I’m 10 months old?!

Abbi, 10 months_0002

yay!!!  *clap* *clap*  <—  new skill!

Well… actually, I’m really almost 11 months, which is why my mama finally decided to share my 10 month photos with you.  That’s just how she rolls.

If you look back, my 9 month photos were super awesome, same with 6 months… I was happy as a clam!  This time… I just couldn’t make up my mind.  Let alone staying still long enough on my tummy for mom to get a good shot.  Oh well, it adds some variety to the comparison photos!  ;)

Abbi, 10 months_0003Abbi, 10 months_0004Abbi, 10 months_0005

Thank goodness we only have two more of these to do, I’m starting to outgrow this bed!

Abbi, 10 months_0006

-Abbi (&Sam)

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