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Fabric Letters

Fabric Letters_0001

Time for a new project!  So I perused pinterest and found these awesome fabric letters that mom pinned!  (Too bad mama if you were going to make them, I’m doing it first!)

What is it with me and the ABC’s anyway?  You would think after I put them in Abbi’s nursery and subsequently had the ABC song stuck in my head for months that I’d kind of be over it.

But no.  These are totally happening.

Plus I already have a billion and a half fat quarters that I can use!

Now… to decide what font…

Fabric Letters_0002

Classic?  A little quirky?  Just a slight twist on traditional?

What’s your favorite?

Fabric Letters_0003

Wait, did I say I had enough fat quarters?  Who am I kidding, there isn’t enough color variation in that stack.  It must require a trip to the fabric store!  ;)


  • admin - I propose a trade! You come down and help me move fabric shelves, and I let you have any fabric you want for your letters — shop at Mom’s Fabric Store — AND I let you do *my* project! –Gail/mom/blog-partner06.26.2014 – 9:33pmReplyCancel

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