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What’s Up Wednesday: Strawberry Madness

Strawberry Madness_0001

So when I asked my mother in law to bring me a whole flat of strawberries from Spooner’s (the most amazing local strawberries EVER)… I’m not sure I quite understood exactly how many strawberries that was.

I planned on making strawberry freezer jam.  I didn’t also plan on making strawberry-rhubarb orange jam, and a double batch of strawberry sorbet, and STILL having SO MANY strawberries to consume afterwards.  Not that it’s a bad thing.  ;)

Anyway… here’s the last 24 hours of strawberry madness in my kitchen…

Strawberry Madness_0002Strawberry Madness_0003Strawberry Madness_0004Strawberry Madness_0005Strawberry Madness_0006

By the way, that isn’t goat cheese up there.  It’s greek yogurt cheese I made!!  Show you more tomorrow!  It’s obviously a foodie week for me (see monday’s post).


  • admin - I am so glad Sam picked a recipe with orange peel in it, because her dad doesn’t like it (even though he is Rhubarb Fan #1) I have a jar all for me :) –Gail/mom/blog-partner06.21.2014 – 11:06pmReplyCancel

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