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Go To Dinner: Buffalo Chicken & Broccoli Quinoa

Buffalo Chicken & Broccoli Quinoa 001

Buffalo Chicken & Broccoli Quinoa.  With gorgonzola crumbles of course.  Because how can you have buffalo without a blue cheese of some sort!

Four years ago I ate the occasional spicy thing… but really not that spicy.  And then my husband worked his magic on me.  And now?

Today I had some frank’s on my eggs for breakfast, sriracha on my lunch, and this buffalo chicken dish for dinner.

Granted, I’ve been battling a stuffy nose so I was hoping the spice would help clear it up.  

But I wanted to share this recipe because it has seriously made its way onto our weekly menu!  And that is saying a lot, because I’m a big fan of variety… very few things grace my menus more than once a month.

Buffalo Chicken & Broccoli Quinoa 002

Here is the original recipe, but honestly these days I make it the really easy way: cooked quinoa, broccoli (either a quick blanche or roast), chopped chicken, drizzle of evoo and lot lots of frank’s to taste, and then top with blue cheese or gorgonzola crumbles!

The perfect one bowl meal!

In fact… Abbi even enjoyed it!  I gave her all the parts without the frank’s, but I let her try some of mine, and then she just kept trying to charm me until I fed her more bites from my bowl!

See that head tilt up there, that’s the look she gives when she is “charming” you.  hehe


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