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Another Linen Applique Pillow


I am so in love with the applique leaf pillow I made last week for my family room that I had to make a second one! Same fabrics, different leaves and appliques… 


I had an appointment that ran long today so this isn’t quite as far along as I wanted to share with you — so sorry! You will see the completed project soon.


I always want to do something with the peeled-off parchment from fusible applique cuts. Got any ideas??? 


We went to the Olympia Farmer’s Market this past weekend and I just could NOT resist this terra cotta bird tile! So sweet! I knew it would blend into the family room perfectly, and indeed it was a perfect match for both the hoya AND the pot we have it in.


I actually passed up a gorgeous embossed-exterior, green-glazed interior serving dish, that’s how much I loved this birdie :)

Off to make some Go Seahawks! Applesauce Bread for my son — treats for “dead week” and fuel to keep him going. Since I created the recipe at his request (to match his favorite cake that I make) I guess it is time he actually got some, right?

Get creative!


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