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Gallery Wall Continued…

Gallery Wall Continuation 001

So what happens when you collect too much stuff for the gallery wall you are planning in one room of the house?  

It means you get to decorate two walls in your house!!  Double the fun!

Gallery Wall Continuation 002

Actually at first I was sorta bummed because I had all these reasons why all the pieces I picked went together… but when I tried to lay them out they didn’t even all fit on my dining room table hanging off of the edges on all sides. They would’ve just taken over that room instead of made it pretty.  And after I had a couple of nights to digest that fact, and per a suggestion from my mama, I came to the brilliant conclusion… that these are basically one gallery wall anyway.  The rooms are right next to each other, and the walls only offset by a foot or two.  

So the food related stuff stayed in the dining room, and some more of the ‘family’ type stuff moved to the back wall of our family room.

Gallery Wall Continuation 003Gallery Wall Continuation 004

This installation is centered over the couch, which is centered on the wall with our front door open. You can see the hinges of the front door a few pictures up.  I didn’t want any of the art to be covered by the front door, because it gets left open a lot during the summer.  Unfortunately those dang speakers are centered with the door closed… so if I look a little too hard at them it bugs me.  BUT, I’ll deal… better surround sound for the whole room,right?  I’ll just be happy their cords are buried in the wall, instead of running down it.  :)

I already had the Live*Laugh*Love sign, that we got for Christmas a couple of years ago, and it went great with the wrapped W, the photos of Abbi, and the other little pieces I had gathered!

Gallery Wall Continuation 005

Yay!  Doesn’t it all look so good together?!  Two walls down, a whole bunch more to go!


  • Kari - Okay, now I am jealous of two walls!! I get what you were saying about the frame idea for the pictures. Love it! Happy decorating!06.03.2014 – 2:46pmReplyCancel

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