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March Challenge Reveal: Dining Room Update

Dining Room Update_0001

That gallery wall right there ^^  …that is my crowning achievement in this room!  

(and yes, btw, we do realize it is now the end of May and we are showing you our March challenge results… it’s just how we roll)

I have my requisite 3 updates that were required for our room re-do’s… but this gallery wall is really like three or four (or ten) projects all in one and is what really pulls this room together!  And I’m so happy with how it turned out!!

It’s got my canvas art, my kitchen art photos, the distressed frame, and a whole smattering of pieces I’ve collected over the last few months.  (And if you’ve been following closely you might notice there are a couple of pieces missing… don’t worry…  you’ll see them soon!  But in another room… I collected too much for my gallery wall, believe it or not, and got a whole other wall installation out of it!  I’ll show you later, for now let’s focus on the dining room)   :)

Dining Room Update_0003Dining Room Update_0008Dining Room Update_0002

I had quite a bit of fun arranging the little grass/wheat pieces on the wall and in the vase on the table!  Score on that clearance vase that matched my colors!  And I pulled my burlap table runner back out to tie in those natural brown colors too!

*Sigh* Since we hung all of this on the wall (after it sat taking over the dining room table for two+ weeks), I’ve just stood and stared at the wall so many times!  I’m looking forward to switching out the photos in the distressed frame too!  A fun little feature!

Ok… moving on… here is the finished room in its entirety (baby and all):

Dining Room Update_0004Dining Room Update_0005As for my other projects in this room… you’ve already seen the sideboard I refinished, and the shutter as well.  Last, I made/am making a cushion for that big white chair.  *Technically* speaking that project isn’t exactly finished yet… but you get the idea.  Same fabric, and it’s totally useable at the moment!  Just eventually, there will actually be a cushion there that follows the curvature of the chair instead of the cushion that is there now.  :)

We probably use our dining room more than most people as a sitting room as well, partly because of its location in our house, so I’m really excited to have that chair in there permantly now too!  And when company is over, we pull the table out from the wall!

Anyway there it all is, in its put-together, clean, finished glory!

Dining Room Update_0006

Oh wait, did I say finished?  As I was putting together the finishing touches this afternoon, I sent Aaron the following text: “Would I be crazy if I wanted to paint the laundry room door on the dining room side with chalkboard paint?”

His reply: “Yes, but I’m not against it.”  :D

And five minutes later… this happened:

Dining Room Update_0007

If you want your room to stay intact, don’t let the baby out of the highchair.


  • admin - Sam — the gallery wall on the wall looks so much cooler than on the table ;) Even though I’ve seen some of the pieces and parts along the way in real life, I have to say WELL DONE! –Gail/mom/blog-partner05.29.2014 – 6:12pmReplyCancel

  • Marian - I love what you did to that room! Gallery wall turned out amazing! Nice job.05.29.2014 – 6:45pmReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks Marian!05.30.2014 – 12:40pmReplyCancel

  • Heidi - LOVE IT!
    Someday, I am going to have a room to decorate!! Inspiration, I think so!05.29.2014 – 10:42pmReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks Heidi!! I’m sure you’ll have a place to decorate before you know it! <305.30.2014 – 12:41pmReplyCancel

  • Kari - Wow Sam!! I love that wall! Makes me look at my naked ones and want to go shopping. Someday, someday……05.30.2014 – 11:36amReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks Kari! One room at a time! There are still plenty of rooms in my house with bare walls!! ;)05.30.2014 – 12:46pmReplyCancel

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