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What’s Up Wednesday: Round Up of Round Ups for Infused Water

Limes, limes, delicious and versatile limes!

They’re so pretty, those infused waters! And done right, they can make you feel good, keep you from getting bored with straight water, as well as keep you hydrated with negligible calories! I love limes so much (and they’re green!) I’m pretty sure almost any infused water I’ll ever make will include limes. That, and the fact my husband just bought 5 lbs of limes to get us started.

I had to go on a “clear liquids only” diet for 24 hours recently. Now you have to understand, I’m a water drinker and I love it. I rarely have any beverage besides plain water other than my morning coffee on any given day. And by coffee, I mean espresso with half and half or something similar. A few luscious dairy calories I choose to spend, and then I’m reserving my energy intake for yuuummmmyyyyy fooooood! But this clear liquid thing… even I knew I would get tired of straight water after a while. 

I wish I could have had some infused water on my liquid diet day, but alas — no fresh stuff allowed! It was Gator, white grape juice, salty chicken broth, coffee with suuuuggggaaaar (a strange treat after years of not sweetening my coffee) and lots and lots of straight clear water. 

But after a day of drinking all these caloric drinks, and in such variety, I may have been swayed to the dark side. Or should that be more like, The Colorful Side? With hotter weather coming on and the hubs wanting one of those spigoted drink jugs for just this purpose, I think we’re about to jump on the infused water bandwagon, big time. He really likes the cucumber-lime water I put together for our holidays the last couple years. Hence the bag of limes and the repeated showing to me of any spigot jug on sale. He has no idea what’s about to happen *evil chuckle*

But some of these… hmm. Raspberry lime sounds awesome, but I don’t want some gross looking raspberry destruction in my water jug at the end of the day. I’ll also be looking into an infusing device and/or making some strained purees to use. You’ll see it here when I do!

I’m listing here all the links to other infused water round-ups and posts that I’ll be referencing… thought I’d share! 




Store and serve them up in cool carafes, too:  http://www.uncommondesignsonline.com/flavored-water-recipes/

Beautiful collection of pics w/o links, tumblr style, to copy or be inspired by: http://rebeldietitian.us/foodspiration/fruit-infused-water/

Here’s going to be my go-to list! Proportions, lots of variety, and lots to choose! http://www.spendwithpennies.com/naturally-flavored-water-amazing-healthy-thirst-quenchers/


Pears… I think so! http://dinedashdeadlift.com/2012/06/25/diy-flavored-waters-cucumber-pear-mint-and-lemon-raspberry/

And for more fun, everyone could put their own combination of flavors together by using plain water and FLAVORED ICE CUBES! How brilliant is that? You wouldn’t be stuck with just one flavor of water all day long :) Love it! http://www.bystephanielynn.com/2013/11/flavored-ice-cubes-infused-water-recipes.html

I’m loving the herb vibe — here are some more. I need a mint plant. http://getfitandmotivated.com/quick-and-healthy-home-made-naturally-flavored-water/

http://www.stockpilingmoms.com/2014/01/homemade-flavored-water-roundup/ of their own recipes

…and last, from my fave place World Market (from whom I will soon be purchasing one of those spigot dispensers!) http://www.worldmarket.com/content/agua-fresca-recipes.do

That ought to do us all for a while, right? Bookmark this page! 

Happy hydration!


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