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WIP Tuesday? Family Room Project Sneak Peek


I’m working on a fabric project for my family room! You don’t get to see it until Friday when I finally will reveal my results for 2create’s March Challenge, which was to redo a room. I know it’s not March any longer. Or April. Barely even May still! I know.

Sam’s been waiting on me. And waiting… and waiting. I seem to have gotten hung up on some tasks along the way. Hmmm… Well, this Friday it will finally be ready to show you! You’ll get to see Sam’s AHHH-MAAAAAYYY-ZING Dining Room makeover on Thursday — Be here!

You’ve maybe already noticed that this is a fabric project. I can’t resist pictures of piled-up fabric! Fabric, especially colorful, coordinating (green) fabric just makes me happy. It does. 


I dove into my fabric to collect up all the choices I could find that might be good candidates for this sewing project I had in mind for the family room. If you saw the state of my fabric storage right now, you would know I used the term “dove into” almost literally. Who wants to come help next week? LOL

This color leaflet from Sherwin-Williams paint has been so useful to me! The concept behind this swatch card is that you can pick and choose from among any of them — edit the collection your way — and they’ll work together no matter what. Brilliant? Yes! 


However, I really don’t feel the need to edit them. See how this works? After weeding out the “no” fabrics from the pile on the left, everthing seems to work with the (whole!) swatch card very well. 

Oh, sure, some of them will be very minor accents, especially the blues. I am also throwing in a hot pinkish-coralish-reddish-warm-flower color. (Because I can!) But in general this card contained all the colors I had in mind for this room makeover, so I am just using it as my main color resource. 



This project needs leaves cut out of these fabrics. There’s some cutting to do… and that’s where we’ll stop talking about this project today! 

Happy creating! 


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