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Summer Bucket List

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This is not me being creative… this is me passing along a very creative idea.  One that I’m keeping in mind for future years, because I think it is pretty brilliant!

A summer bucket list!

Literally a list of ideas for the summer… in a bucket!  Bucket list!

We put these together at MOPS last week, and all the mamas wrote summer activities on the popsicle sticks.  So when the kids get bored in the summer, you can draw a stick and do that activity!

Here’s a great list of summer activities if you need ideas: Summer Bucket List Ideas.  Backyard tent camping?  Treasure Hunt?  Heck, yes!  I can’t wait until Abbi is old enough to do stuff like that!

One mama at my table, instead of listing activities, listed all the local parks!  I thought that was brilliant!  

If Aaron’s and my summer wasn’t already looking super busy (he’s doing a series of mountain bike races, I’m training for a triathlon, our 5 year anniversary, Abbi’s first birthday, good friends’ going away party, let alone all the normal summer stuff…), I thought about doing a bucket full of date night or baby-friendly family outings!  

So take 10 minutes and a dollar store bucket and popsicle sticks, and prepare to have a fun-filled summer!!


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