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What’s Up Wednesday: UGH! Summer Clothes Shopping

Yes, I hate to shop for clothes. I’d love to live in coffee cup print jammies all day every day, but that’s not realistic now is it? Next, I’ll always grab cargo capris and a college Tshirt (or other seasonal things along those lines) if I’m staying home. But then, you know, sometimes you just have to go out and about! The craft store, a good restaurant, all that!

And then yes, occasionally I get the girl thing going on and feel like dressing up just because. You know I grew up a tomboy and hung out with guys in my science and math classes, right? And that’s who I remain inside in spite of also being a wife, mom, GRANDma, homemaker of sorts ;) and creative person. So that girly vibe isn’t a strong one, but I’m OK with that! My mom thinks I need more shoes and less green in my wardrobe, but everyone else seems to put up with me… 

However, no matter how lofty or low your wardrobe priorities, ya gotta go shopping! And right now the trends and I just don’t get along well. Animal prints — no. Bling — No. Heels — no. Leggings — love them but don’t leave the house in them! It’s hard to find something dressier than a college Tshirt in my (decreasing — yay!) size that’s not some combinaton of animal print, bling, or a polyester poncho-like construction. YUCK! 

So I did a little online pre-shopping tonight in order to start preparing myself for The Dreaded Shopping for Summer Clothes that I need to do. I found a few things! If I still like them by the end of the week, I will actually order a couple of them! 

1. I’m liking this summer blouse. Half placket, loose back — it would feel Tshirt comfy! Wish it came in green… NYDJ Day Tripper Floral Blouse

2. Would it be cheating to wear these pants? They’re not flannel, they’re rayon, but they would probably be PJ comfy! Old Navy Women’s Drapey Cropped Pants

3. I also like this skirt! At first I thought it must be made from sweatshirt material, but it is also rayon like the pants above. Maybe I need to make myself one of these in something in-between — a little more of a casual fabric and sturdier so I can pretend it’s actually a pair of shorts! But look! It comes in green! Old Navy Dolphin-hem skirt

4. I love Love LOVE peplums! I have forever. I think they just look interesting, attractive, and flattering! This top has my attention! Monica Flare Top but it isn’t truly a peplum. However THIS one is: Anabelle Floral Top. But I don’t like black tops *sigh* 

5. Being busty even since long before I had kids and nursed them forever so very long ago, those types of ready-to-wear tops usually don’t fit very well. But there’s a solution to that — I could make one! I don’t usually sew for myself; actually I haven’t sewn for anyone much in years with a few notable exceptions, but I just might be willing to make this peplum top pattern  or this one and custom fit it to myself.

6. Tshirts that look nicer than WSU Cougars logo’d ones … Michael Kors Flutter Sleeve Top and Old Navy Striped Splitneck Top

7. I deserve some stay-at-home faves, right? These look like a win! Wide leg cotton casual pants

8. And even here in western WA, we need a couple pairs of shorts for the summer. You know, for when we go to EASTERN WA! Like these… Old Navy Drapey Shorts

9. Maybe not this exact one, but I’m loving these diagonal zip “motorcyle” jackets I keep seeing!

Edited in: So, on the advice one of Sam’s friends gave me in our 2create facebook comments, I stopped at Coldwater Creek. They are going out of business and have begun their liquidation. I got everything at 30-50% off, and was *shocked* when I realized that I could wear every single pair of pants in the store of a certain size that I haven’t bought since 1997! Happy me, and who knew they used MY shape to tailor their pants to — they are all a perfect fit! Here’s what I bought in my shopping spree:

… and a clearance print top that isn’t on the website! SCORE! Then I had some returns to make at Ross, so I ended up grabbing the three pairs of shorts in my NEW size and brought them home and they all fit … kinda helps balance out the average price per item ;) The cool thing about these nicer pieces that I may under-grow in a few months is that they’ll be re-sale-able at a consignment store. I still need some more tops… 

Well, that wasn’t too bad. Have you found any winning pieces for spring and summer? Let me know in the comments!

Happy shopping! (to me!)


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