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New Favorite Quick Go-To Dinner

Fried Rice 1

Somehow Mondays have become my days to post food.  Peach Salsa-Guac last week and Peanut Butter Banana Breakfast Cookies the week before that.  I think it’s because Mondays are the days I’m trying to get a lot done and kick off the week right…so I spend a little more time in the kitchen trying to feed myself something to make me happy or fuel my body in the midst of an all-day work-a-thon!

Which I totally nailed today, by the way.  Laundry, a little clean up, lots and lots of photo-work, and of course… playing with a baby!  :)

But I had this in the back of my mind all day because fried rice really has become my new go-to meal when there is leftover rice in the fridge.  I made it for the first time a few months ago, and now every time we make rice I may make a little extra just so I can make fried rice later in the week.  This is good ol’ white rice, but I’ve also made fried rice with brown rice or quinoa!  Bonus… it’s a really good way to make all the odds and ends in the fridge a complete meal!

Excuse the cell phone pics… was juggling dinner, hungry baby, and scrounging dog (while Aaron mowed the lawn!  <– i got the better end of the deal)  ;)  

Fried Rice 2

Green beans, mushrooms, edamame, chicken, flank steak, rice and eggs made up the bulk of the meal.  And I love how little sauce it takes to make this meal flavorful!  I just drizzled in a little soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil and teriyaki sauce!  And really… a little goes a long way I feel like!  Voila, a quick one-pot meal that fills our bellies (and some containers for lunch tomorrow too!)


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