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Scone Craving! Mango Pistachio Scones


It hit me hard today, this craving for a fresh hot scone! Enough that I sacrificed my chosen day of do-nothingness to straighten up the kitchen and make some. 

I had envisioned diced dried apricot, tons of pistachios, and toasted coconut in a decadent buttery steamy fluffy scone. I could almost taste it before I walked into the kitchen!

What I found was: no apricots, 1/4 cup only of pistachios, and my photography light had already been placed and delicately balanced in front of the cabinet with the white chocolate in it. We won’t even talk about the coconut. Um, no. 


Hey, I’m flexible. Diced dried mangoes look a bit like apricots, I can get by with fewer nuts, and meh, who says white chocolate would have made this combination any better. (Who am I kidding!? It was pure laziness to not reset the light, and desperation to get started on my craving!)


Mixing up the dough for scones is pretty basic: turn on the oven, prep your stir-ins, measure dry ingredients, measure wet ingredients, chop butter and cut it in, start stirring in the liquids and ju-u-u-u-ust when you are ready to make those last few scrapes and turns to incorporate the rest of the flour, toss in the stir-ins and finish. 


I don’t do the pre-cutting of the scones like you are supposed to. Mine bake in one large … patty. Why? I like my scones moist, so I add a couple tablespoons extra liquid. That means a super-sticky dough that refuses to be messed with that way. Such are my scone trade-offs. Sometimes you have to make the hard decisions ;)


And there, THAT’s what I’d been craving! Look at that yumminess. You are lucky there are pictures from this point on! 


And is this not the cutest little pistachio heart you ever saw? I think so. You don’t have to agree that it is even a heart!

Happy baking!


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