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Knotted Necklace


Imagine my surprise when I saw some necklaces in a little boutique the other day, done in the same style that I used to teach kids to do! Using craft thread or yarn, and pony beads, this is a quick and easy bracelet or necklace for kids to make for mom or for themselves and a great way to use up an odd assortment of beads. 


Start by knotting a large bead at the loop end of your doubled strand.

But the boutique’s necklaces were done with fine beads and thin silk or rayon cord and looked much classier than pony beads and yarn! My imagination revved up and I mentally reviewed my beads and threads.


Make sure that both strands of your thread or cord remain the same length throughout the necklace making process for the best look. Above is my technique for making the knots since I don’t have three hands!


Tatting cotton is a very finely twisted and hard-wearing thread; it doesn’t fuzz up much and I have tons of it to choose from. Then I flashed upon a collection of beads I picked up from a clearance bin: 3 of the same package at fifty cents each, because I loved the soft mint and turquoise colors of them. 


The last loop has no bead; use a square knot so the snipped ends hide behind the large starting bead.

And so, here we have my first necklace for the summer this year! I just hope I can find the right top to wear with it during my shopping trips.


I still have over half the beads left, so you’ll probably be seeing a bracelet and/or earrings at some point!

Happy beading!


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