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What’s Up Wednesday: Get Linked Cucumber Salads!

Tangy Cucumber Salad Recipe

I had something else originally planned for today’s What’s Up Wednesday post… but it didn’t end up being what was actually up today.  Because Abbi and I just slept for the last two hours!  (YAY SLEEP!)

And before that I had seven tabs open on my computer with Cucumber Salad Recipes I was researching as a side for dinner tonight (well 6 salads, and one sorbet?!).  So since that is what is actually up today… that’s what you get for today’s post!

Perfect Get Linked for spring anyway, who doesn’t love a crisp cucumber salad on a warm spring day?

First is the picture above, a Tangy Cucumber Salad that features Dijon and cider vinegar… YUM, we love Dijon in dressings around here!

Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream and Dill Dressing

Next, this Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream and Dill Dressing!  This was kind of what I had in mind for tonight, but not the recipe I ended up choosing… definitely saved the link though!

Cucumber and Jicama Slaw

I liked this Cucumber and Jicama Slaw because I thought with the addition of some shredded carrots it would actually be a good little topping on the fish tacos we are having for dinner tonight… but no jicama on hand, and no trip to the grocery store between now and dinner.

Cucumber and Coconut Salad

Cucumber and Coconut Salad?!  I love coconut… unfortunately Aaron isn’t a huge fan, so I’m saving this one for a day when he won’t be around.

Cucumber Linguine with Fresh Mint and Fried Capers

I thought this Cucumber Linguine with Fresh Mint and Fried Capers was a fun little twist on the traditional tangy cucumber salad recipes!  I mean… did you actually pay attention to the FRIED CAPERS?  ;)

Wasabi Cucumber Sesame Salad

Now this one… this Wasabi Cucumber Sesame Salad is definitely one Aaron would LOVE!  But alas… fresh out of sesame seeds from some homemade sesame dressing I made last week… and again, not going to the grocery store before dinner.

Cucumber Celery and Gin Sorbet

And just for fun… because life can’t be all about salad… some Cucumber, Celery and Gin Sorbet!

Now… which one of these am I actually making?

Well, none of them.  And all of them.  I’m kind of picking and choosing and creating my own recipe tonight with what is already on hand in my house.  Rice vinegar, lime juice, sugar, some chili powder… and maybe something else I come across in the pantry.

Also… cucumber gets really weird to type after a post full of that word.  ;)



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