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A Happy Talent


“It’s a happy talent to know how to play” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

A wise man! And knowing how to play — playing at least a little bit, all the time just for the fun of it — is what we’re about here at 2create! 

Even when you have an evening of playing that includes disasters and “Hmmm, not quite right” feelings! 


But this isn’t a do-over, get it perfect kind of place. Nope. You see us how we are, what we really do, somedays humble and not so creative, some days a peek at something new, some days dreaming of being creative, and some days we can hardly contain ourselves for the thrill of what we’ve accomplished! 


So when my DINNER was so rude as to SPLASH ONTO my black and white doodle, I had a moment of panic… and when my attempts to wash/blot that dot of kung pao sauce off of the watercolor paper made my waterproof ink RUN I got frustrated… and then when I made an inadvertent pen mark in the middle of some white space I said to myself, “Thank goodness for Photoshop!” LOL I mean really, could it have gotten any worse?


But it’s all good, actually. This little booklet of watercolor paper is just for me — a free-to-goof-off set of blank pages from a friend! One day the very-Stacy decorated folder showed up in my mail all stitched closed. The outside has a saying, “Don’t give up your day dream” so I perforated it at the stitches and started daydreaming and doodling! Thanks for my Happy Mail, Stacy! Yes, one day I may get messier than just using pens in it! 


This all started with the vision of a Zentangle border after surfing around tanglepatterns.com Once I drew the border, I dashed off the word Play and played with it. Then I went looking for a quote. When I found the “happy talent” quote I fell in love with it. It was exactly what I was looking for :)

Happy playing! 


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