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I’m having this daily battle of expectations vs. reality.  I’m used to having a baby now, but what I’m not used to… is just how much time keeping her alive and HAPPY takes.  ;)  

Now, I’m going to say, for the most part I consider myself pretty darn lucky (I mean really lucky, babies are miracles), but seriously… she is usually a pretty darn happy baby.  But playing with her, changing diapers, feeding her, getting her to sleep, etc… takes TIME.  Time I no longer spend creating or keeping up with my house or working… let alone working out (have I mentioned yet I’m training for a sprint triathlon at the end of june?).

So every time I have free time it’s a choice between all those things… today I’m juggling laundry, a MESSY kitchen, a baby who just pulled a chair over on herself (hello, forehead bruise), a workout when Aaron gets home, dinner (wait, hmmm… what are we having for dinner?), unanswered work emails and the very start of some canvas art!

And I’m reveling in the sunshine, and the fact that I made pumpkin bars for breakfast… thank you jumparoo for keeping Abbi occupied during that little baking adventure.

So, we are 10 minutes into nap time and I’m just about finished with this post… next coat of paint on these canvases is next (and switching the laundry, and answering those emails)… can’t wait to show you the finished project soon!


  • admin - Those look delish! Wait, am I thinking of your pumpkin bars? In any case, yummy colors! –Gail/mom/blogpartner (who doesn’t know what this project is, either!04.07.2014 – 5:06pmReplyCancel

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