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Quick Spring Mug Rug


My mom (Sam’s grandma, Abbi’s great-grandma, just to keep the generations straight) is a good water drinker. She keeps a small jug of water and her drinking glass right at her favorite place to sit during the day. Rarely a day goes by that she doesn’t drink her prescribed two to two and a half liters of good ol’ H2O.

I noticed the other day when I stopped by that she had her water jug and drinking glass parked on an old dishtowel, folded up. I am prettty sure this faded dishtowel has been around as long as Sam. But it was serving the purpose of absorbing any drips from reaching her wooden table surface. 


So today I made her a super-sized thick absorbent coaster … mug rug not for a mug … almost a placemat! I used an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper as my cutting template for the mat, so it is pretty big to be called a mug rug. It is somewhat reversible — I chose a sketched print fabric for the back. I just like the front side way better. 


You can barely see the quilting lines on the back at all! I used white bobbin thread and it almost disappears into the printed fabric. That was the plan, so success! That scribble-stitched flower center can barely be picked out touching the bottom of the monarch butterfly’s tail. Or is that a swallowtail? If you look even more carefully you might be able to see the zigzag outline of the large flower. It is just as camouflaged in real life!


I printed off the Wingding U+F07C special character at size 700 to use as my flower template. Is that cheating? We call things like that, “using our resources” around here!

The drinking glass is subject to change from week to week, as various seasonal items come across her radar while shopping. Shopping happens to be her favorite exercise. I suspect those drinking cups change frequently ;) The one I most recently saw had a nice hot pink pattern all over it, so this mat should coordinate and bring some extra spring cheer to her usual hangout.

Who doesn’t need a bright and colorful touch of springtime right about now? (Apologies to the southern hemisphere LOL) 


PS I haven’t repeated a craft yet during National Craft Month!


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