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Old Shutter Repainted and Repurposed!

Old Shutter Repainted and Repurposed_0001

Old Shutter Repainted and Repurposed_0003

I posted that before picture back in January, and I am SO glad I can finally check this project off my to-do list!  To tell the truth, I’ve actually finished at least one other project from that blog post too, but that’ll wait for another day (and for our March challenge reveal… which might not actually get revealed until April!)  ;)

Anyway… ta-da!!!  I repainted, distressed, and repurposed this to be a somewhat decorational (but also somewhat functional) item in my house!  For now it is stationed in the corner of my dining room, but I don’t think that is where it will stay.  Either way… I’m kind of enjoying looking at it, and attaching things to it…

Old Shutter Repainted and Repurposed_0004Old Shutter Repainted and Repurposed_0002

Aaron even said it looked great and thought the clothespins idea was pretty cool (without me having to ask what he thought, lol)… which is high praise considering he wanted me to ditch this shutter months and months ago!

So there you have it.  One before, now an AFTER!

And I’m off the computer for the day… last day of sunshine in our 10 day forecast… gotta go enjoy it!  :)

Plus I just looked at the monitor and Abbi is standing in the crib… I thought she was sleeping still… silent baby strikes again.  ;)


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