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Fast Spring Bracelets


Just a quick little post here to share what happened when I finally sat down to play with my craft supplies Saturday!

It’s been a week filled with taking care of someone else (and Thinking About taking care of someone else) for me, so crafting time and concentration was at a very low level. Thankfully things are getting more normal all around!


I’m packing all my beading and jewelry supplies into baggies and tictac-style containers in order to put them into ScrapRack pages. I knew that sometime along the way in my Saturday evening bead-bagging-and-TV-watching time, some of the beads would beg me to get them together for a playdate! I had my stretch cord ready, and now I have two more bracelets to pop on when the whim takes me. 


Pink is a springtime color to me. I’m pretty sure the days of sun and flowers influenced my bead choices here! I am really liking these bracelets that can be worn alone or as groups. These will coordinate with a couple others I have made in the past, too. 

I had a third one made, and had strung them all on one long piece of stretch cord, kind of like a necklace. I thought maybe the three different patterns could be one piece that I just looped around my wrist 3 times. But no. Awkward and uncooperative! I turned it into single strands, but the third one was abandoned for now. (Psyche and Castle on-demand were over!)


I was really hoping that some of the beads would speak to me in this language — my green stretchy bracelet — because I really want another one in that beading pattern! But it appears I need to STOP buying round beads and get some faceted ones :)

Happy spring! 



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