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I took a break from painting my family room to… paint! I stopped into Michael’s the other day and saw this adorable wood cutout. I knew I had to have it! Anything coffee-themed, it is mine :) I know you might see it as tea-themed, too. That’s just fine. For you ;)


I treated myself to a crafting play session late one night, but found my black acrylic paint had dried to a solid mass. Too much summer heat over the years, probably. I probably need to go through the whole bunch and figure out what needs replacing.

I started painting anyway, giving the thin plywood cup a base coat of very dark green Patio Paint. I thought the color might actually work for me instead of the black, but no.

So a quick trip to pick up more paint for BOTH projects got me just what I wanted. Pure black gloss acrylic craft paint for this project, and the forgotten ceiling paint and trim paint for my family room. (I got so excited when the paint store color matched my sample the other day that I bought the colored paint and forgot the rest!)

After the black gloss paint dried, I sanded it just a bit to add some visual texture. The wood grain and brush strokes result in some pretty cool gloss/matte contrasts! Around the edges, I let the sanding block bite into the black paint just enough to hint at the dark green beneath although that’s not obvious in the pictures.


I also saw the cute geometric stencil on a display of new Mod Podge crafting products. It is soft and flexible and self-adhesive. It did a very good job of staying in place and not letting any seepage happen! A water rinse with a little finger scrubbing and it is clean and ready for the next use; Β the self-adhesive revives itself after drying. Don’t think this is a sponsored post — we’re not in the big leagues here at 2create yet LOL! I just like this stencil!

I’m not sure what this coffee cup note holder will eventually be used for — sewing area? scrapping area? craft-store shopping list? — but that ready-made dollar bin clothespin, smeared with more paint and shabbied up a bit, does a good job holding pattern directions and my paper butterfly project from last year :)


I’m not usually one for sparkly things, but something just called for some added glitter. I used the fuschia paint and an almost matching glitter that goes with the other rich pink items I am using in my studio’s color scheme. I think this was actually my first non-kid-craft glitter purchase ever! I sprinkled the glitter over the wet paint, intentionally unevenly (let’s not be crazy here) and it came out just like I imagined.

This black and pink project won’t be quite so wild on my soft yellow walls surrounded by shelves full of colorful fabrics and paper, with accents of solid rich dark teal, fuschia, and a stabilizing bit of black. Now, back to the family room paint project!

Happy (sort of) painting!


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