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Upcycling with Paper: Sake Box


Another paper and glue project, and just as much fun as paper and glue when I was a kid.

Let the fun begin…

I found this little sake box at a donations store for 69 cents! It was someone’s wedding favor — the names and wedding date were printed on one side. Kenji and Leslie, I hope you are still happy together 6 years later ;) 


You can see some rippling in the paper above, especially in the lower left photo. Some papers just expand more than others when they get wet and then those ripples shrink back out when it all dries. At least that’s what you hope happens! Sometimes they are just there forever if you don’t work them out while the glue is still wet.

These mostly went away when this paper dried. Whew!

Before and after:


I picked, tore and trimmed, and glued a couple of layers all over the box while watching The Voice on Monday night, then proceeded to stay up until FAR too late playing with the details.


Nothing is sacred in my stash. Especially when I got it on clearance for 25 cents!


Adding the various bits and pieces of carefully trimmed paper motifs and stamps, inks and markers, rub-ons, and whatever else crosses my path is where I get lost… sometimes creatively, but mostly lost in time!

Before and after:


Can’t forget the insides! I had to include the strip of stripes because … just because. But definitely not on the outside!


The flowered strip I wrapped mostly around the inside was bright bright BRIGHT white, but thanks to Tim Holtz ;) I toned it down enough that it isn’t distracting.


Four sides, four looks but all reasonably coordinating because I only chose papers that I liked in that moment.


Four different looks for one project. Can’t do that with a cake usually, nor a sewing project or even jewelry. But a little shelf-sitting box? Yes, you can!

And you can have a lot of fun creating those 4 different looks!

Happy glueing!



  • Sherrie Breese - What a delightful little project. Neat how each side has it’s own look. You can give it a turn whenever you want a fresh view.03.11.2014 – 8:42pmReplyCancel

  • admin - Exactly my thought! –Gail03.12.2014 – 1:34pmReplyCancel

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