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Doodle Calendar Picture for March


Not only have I been inspired by playing with my markers’ organization in the last few days, but I realized it is also the 7th of March and this calendar needed to be turned from February!

This time of the year here in western Washington, sunshine is definitely a treasure! This year we have seen a lot of sun so far but I still am thrilled every time the bright clear sunlight streams in my windows. As it did here, suddenly…


At first I thought, oh — unusable picture but then I realized it totally illustrated the point of my doodle picture: The pot of gold at the end of any rainbow I see in March is knowing that the sun is shining somewhere nearby! Hence the “sun-flower” sprouting from the pot of gold :)

(wondering if anyone will catch that other pun … )

I use so many different markers on this doodle! Prismacolor chisel tip, Pigma Micron in two colors of green plus black, Zig Writer, Opaque Stix metallic gold, Le Plume II, my collection of Copic ciao (I really need more 000 choices! Even the 00’s seemed too dark for my rainbow background) and one bright cheery yellow IDentiPen. Β So much fun to put them all to work!


I took a share of these photos before I added the glittery green stickers for the title March. You never know how much attention something glittery will grab away from everything else. Turns out these glittery postage stamp letter stickers are perfectly willing to share the limelight.


Ha, get it? … share the limelight. Lime? Green stickers? Green shamrock …

I just can’t stop thinking of puns now — did you find the one earlier?

Happy Month o’ Green! Hopefully yours has some sunshine, too!




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