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What’s Up Wednesday: Decor Dreams

Yesterday I told you about our March Blog Challenge, for which Samantha and I have to change up a room in our houses. My room has been long in my thoughts — I even ordered new bookcases and desk(s) last December!

Then, of course, I start realizing all the work that has to go into the room first: Hmm, new furniture! Really should paint the walls first. If I’m going to paint this room I should tend to its trim since its finish is degrading. Replace it? Refinish it? :P Paint it! I’ve always loved white trim. That means the whole house and all the doors eventually ACK! But yes.

Two years ago I picked out paint colors with the help of a color and paint expert, my friend Sandi. Did I ever get around to painting? Um, no.

I invited Sandi back last month to redo my color choice. Of course I was thinking green — it’s ME! After a whooooooooooole bunch of around-and-around, I did indeed settle on a color of green :) and IT WAS THE EXACT SAME COLOR I HAD CHOSEN THEN FOR MY LIVING ROOM. Can we say fixation?

Now I’m dreaming green paint, white trim, and accessories.

My furniture is Mission style, but the room will not be a Mission style room. It will be a nod to all things with clean lines, nature influenced, efficient storage, family history, heavy daily use and nesting (isn’t that what family rooms are for?) and easy incorporation of modern technology: this is where the main TV, our desktop, and my husband’s “command center” with computer will be.

How to accessorize a space like that? I think pops of color and lots of eclecticism.

Chartreuse and celery green and all things vibrant yellow-green ceramic will be considered.

2014 03 05 chartreuse pitcher from amazon 61OCyH5p+qL._SL1500_

Some pictures will get shuffled around; and although I took down my ex-AF-pilot-hubby’s “I love me” wall of airplane and squadron going-away memento pictures, one will remain — a shadow box with a folded American flag and all his AF medals plus extras which he received at his retirement. That flag flew inside the cargo compartment of the C-17 he flew, lead airplane in the formation that dropped our forces secretly into Iraq the first night of our invasion. Political opinions aside, it’s a very cool piece of personal history!

My Coffee Obsession quilt will get finished. Wall space reserved! Poor thing is sure feeling neglected…

part of my lonely coffee quilt top

This bookcase full of games (very end of post) will be right back where it started — I think all those colors, boxes, signs of commercialism can look messy and definitely not beautiful at times; at other times I see them and am reminded of all the hours and laughter spent over game boards :) Let’s keep them and decide to love it!

Some new leaf-motif pillows I will be making, although not out of felt as in that link. Lots of ideas but I especially like this style; I can use lots of fabric!

Sidetracked: Leaf-motif. It’s fun to say!

And although I don’t usually like either permanent displays of silk flowers or wilting fresh flowers, I want to see some brilliant rose-red or magenta flowers in this room! I’ll think about that idea.

2014 03 05 Design Seeds PeonyPalette

Oh, Design Seeds, how I love you!

That’s what’s up with me this bright sunny Wednesday! I’m also looking forward to having dinner with Sam and her family this evening at the amazing Lunchbox Laboratory!

Happy Decorating!


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