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Four-Chain Necklace and Announcements!


I had a vision.

This was it.

It’s very cool when you can see something in your mind and make it come together :)


More on my necklace in a minute! I have some announcements!

March is National Crafting Month! Did you know that? As a personal challenge, I am going to try to get creative with every type of craft supply I own. Prepare to be amazed! (Not the projects so much as how many types of craft supplies I own ha ha ha!)

As our monthly Blog Challenge here at 2 Create in Color, we will …  *drum rolllllllll!*

NOT be doing crafting this month! (Yes, sometimes we fail in the planning department.)

We, Samantha and I, have a room decorating challenge for each other! This month, you will see the results of our challenging each other to get busy on one of the rooms in our respective houses that needed some attention. The challenge is to change or refresh at least three items/aspects our chosen room. I’m getting new furniture :D

OK, yes, I was getting new furniture anyway but that made it easy to choose which room I was going to pick! Tune in on Wednesday March 19th — 2 weeks — for our big reveals!!! I’ve got some painting to do!

Back to my necklace. The story does not have a happy ending…


I only wish this necklace design “wore” better — that it stayed still so that it stayed in shape :( But something’s not right and it gets very twisted. I think that unless I use body tape to tape that off-center pendant to my chest, this one’s going to have to come back apart. Boooo!

Even with a bead and chain dangle in the center back of the necklace as a weight to keep the whole thing from slipping around my neck… well, that isn’t actually the problem.

If you have any tips on how to keep a round chain from rolling… please tell! LOL


Still, my necklace dream is now immortalized here *wink* I made it and I am happy!

Happy crafting!


(Jewelry supplies: Check! What’s next? Hmm…)

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