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Lazy Sunday Mornings & Chocolate Donuts

Chocolate Donuts!_0001

We’ve gotten into this awesome lazy routine for Sunday mornings, and I am loving it!

For one, when Abbi decides she wants to be awake for the day it’s not usually when she is due for a feeding (and it’s usually sometime around or before 7am) so Aaron gets up with her and I get to sleep in for another hour or so.  *bliss*

So even when I sleep til 8:30 we’ve still got another two and a half hours until we go to church!  That leaves time for lazy playing with the baby, a couple of cups of coffee, long showers and a slightly ambitious breakfast before we go!

Chocolate Donuts!_0002

This Sunday I was feeling like I needed something sweet and baked: enter the donut pans I got for Christmas and have yet to use!

I chose this recipe from the Taste Love & Nourish blog!  And subbed Greek Yogurt in for the sour cream because that is what I had on hand already! (<

Chocolate Donuts!_0003

I still have some work to do with how full to fill my donut pans with batter… most of my mini donuts ended up being like mini bundt cakes.

But ya know what that means?  They capture some yummy glaze in that little well!  :)

Chocolate Donuts!_0004

The above donut was the exception… pretty little thing!

Oh yeah… they were pretty dang tasty too!!

Chocolate Donuts!_0005

Although honestly, I think I preferred them sans glaze with a good dusting of powdered sugar on top!  Complimented my morning coffee quite nicely too!

Bonus: Aaron did the dishes!  :)


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