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Fear Zentangle_0001

I’ve been kind of moody lately.  Not like the snap-at-my-husband kind of moody, but the kind of introspective-moody.

Between all the changes in our lives (hello… BABY), and the lack of sleep I’ve been getting lately (hello… baby growth spurt)… it leaves a lot of late-night time for reading and deep-thinking.  (When I’m not falling asleep sitting up while I rock Abbi back to sleep.)

One of my favorite ‘thinking’ blogs (i.e. blogs that get me thinking about ‘bigger’ picture stuff, not my next craft project) (<<not that there’s anything wrong with thinking about my next craft project) (ANYWAY)… one of my favorite ‘thinking’ blogs is Zen Habits.  The author just has some great perspective on life and habits and being zen.  Today’s post was about fear; more specifically, the “process of awareness, acceptance, seeing the pain, finding gratitude, and being in the moment without an ideal“.  And all the practical aspects on how this might apply to your life.

And going along with my moody-ness, I spent a good little while contemplating that post, and then I thought of doodling a little zentangle around some of the final thoughts.  A zentangle for a zen moment?  I think yes!

Fear Zentangle_0002

PS… did you notice I did my doodles in TEAL pen?  ;)

And on that lighter note, have a great weekend!


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