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Six Months of Photos!

Abbi, 6 months 01

Seriously… is that not the biggest cheese-ball you’ve ever seen?!  I’m simply floored… every. single. day… with how much personality this 6 month, 15lb baby has stored inside her.

She smiles, she giggles, she babbles, she blows raspberries, she blows more raspberries, she army crawls, she pulls herself up… and then gives you one more of those mouth-wide-open smiles!

**heart <seriously> melted**

And with that… enjoy her 6 month photos, both the studio version and comparison with the last 6 months, as well as the little photo excursion we took last week when the sun was setting.  :)

Abbi, 6 months 02Abbi, 6 months 03Abbi, 6 months 04Abbi, 6 months 05Abbi, 6 months 06Abbi, 6 months 07Abbi, 6 months 08Abbi, 6 months 09Abbi, 6 months 10Abbi, 6 months 11Abbi, 6 months 12Abbi, 6 months 13LOVE. sam

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