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Baby Shower Wish Frame

Baby Shower Wish Frames_0005

I mentioned last Thursday about all the babies… specifically my book group… 3 little girls born in the last month or so.  And a few weeks ago those of us without newborns decided we wanted to shower these little ladies and their sweet mamas with some love.

So we threw them a surprise baby shower last night.  They knew we were doing a special spa night (no book study), but what they didn’t know was that there would also be cupcakes and presents and this little baby shower craft I came up with.

Baby Shower Wish Frames_0001

I’d seen crafts where you decorate onesies, and I’d seen crafts where all the ladies present at the shower write wishes for the baby… and I decided to combine the two!

I cut these little onesies out on my cricut, but if you wanted to cut some little onesies out by hand there are plenty of templates available on google images.

Then, in a frame (burlap replaced the glass), I arranged all the little onesies with tiny clothespins to hold them on.  I glued the clothespins down, but the onesies could still be removed easily.

That’s all the prep I did at home (and gathering some fun supplies), because then…. then came the fun part:


Baby Shower Wish Frames_0002

All of the ladies at the shower could decorate and/or write wishes for the baby on two little onesies on each of the three mama’s frames.

And then those mamas were welcome to decorate their frames as well!

Baby Shower Wish Frames_0004

I might be a little biased, but I think this craft turned was SO much fun for a shower.  People could come and go to the decorating table, and it was a fun, easy craft, with a lot of meaning (the notes to the babies were so sweet!)!

Baby Shower Wish Frames_0003

I had so much fun putting this baby shower craft together, and I’m excited to be a part of this little group with all these sweet babies!



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