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What’s Up Wednesday: A February Get Linked Post!

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Aren’t those bleeding hearts beautiful? This natural wildflower just amazes me when it appears! I pinned that image onto Pinterest about a year ago an it has been repinned 250 times. I guess I’m not the only one that loves the flower and that photo. It’s not mine! Click on it to go to the owner’s flickr site!

I love hearts! And I love making chocolate desserts and treats. So it is no surprise that Valentine’s Day celebration ideas via the internet (another “I love!”) can catch my attention for hours :)

Here are my favorites from my Feedly blog reader this week. I hope that you find something in this list that inspires you to make this Valentine’s Day just a little more fun, clever, tasty, and full of love.

1. This is so clever. SO clever! Did you know I love Pop-Tarts? Well, just one flavor really: frosted strawberry. All strawberry red gooey goodness inside, and such pretty pink and green sprinkles on the white glaze. For years, we only had pop-tarts once a year in our family; during our annual camping trip in June. I’m going to have to break that rule or go camping in February. Why? Because I really need these pop-hearts for breakfast on Valentine’s day. Even if I have to make it myself (which I will LOL)

2. Oatmeal is one of my faves. But I didn’t know there were people out there that loved oatmeal so very much they had blogs about them! It’s true! And The Oatmeal Enthusiast has an “Enthusiast of the Month”! February’s Enthusiast has a brilliant idea for morning oatmeal that’s all pink AND somewhat chocolatey and healthy too; scroll down to her January 16th oatmeal diary picture! This oatmeal will help offset my “pop-heart” breakfast starters, right? ;)

3. One day I hope to start doing an art journal, maybe just where I play with art supplies on a fresh page each day. But Linda Kittmer, who’s blog I’ve linked before, has taken her daily calendar merged with art merged with journaling and done something fun and very Valentine-y for February.

4. If you are looking for a decadent dinner, what about shrimp scampi? Take a peek at another blog I’ve linked before, Jane LaFazio’s. I can’t vouch for this recipe, but I sure love the way it’s written up! What do you think?

5. I’ve shown you a bit of my tatting, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I follow a couple tatting blogs for inspiration and education. My favorite Frivole has taken crocheting and tatting and made this adorable little puffy heart!

6. I’ve got a strong food and art theme going on here; let’s do another food. Quick and delicious bite-sized treats here, especially if you like crunch with your chewy, or salt with your sweet, or chocolate with anything ;) I’d drizzle some melted pink Candy Melts and add a few red ball nonpariels for a touch of Valentine’s festivity.

7. Back to art! This collage artist amazes me with what she can do with the flora she preserves from the brief summer of her northern lattitudes. Although this tiny piece of Β free-standing collage art doesn’t have an overt Valentine’s Day theme, it IS pink tones and flowery! I love it!

8. And to finish it off, chocolate and hearts from Sam’s go-to food blog. Her fan-girl self will be pleased when she sees these cookies, and everybody knows Maria of Two Peas and Their PodΒ is THE cookie master.

What’s it for you on Valentine’s Day? Decadent desserts, cookies, or chocolate candy in a heart-shaped box? I’m all about a mini-box of Godiva chocolates these days — mmmmmm!!!!! (Someone make sure my hubby gets that message, as a reminder. You know, Β just in case ;) )


  • Doris - Love Bleeding Hearts. Saw them first in the garden of my college love. I grow them in different colors now in my yard. The clump got so huge that I dug it up and used the spade to slice it in half. I replanted one half and since my fibro was acting up, just sort of threw the other half in a flower bed under my huge oak tree. I forgot about it and when I remembered it, the plant had rooted so I moved some earth up around the clump and it has been a beautiful specimen. Never knew they were so hardy. lol02.08.2014 – 9:31pmReplyCancel

    • admin - Thanks for visiting, Doris. I hope you enjoy looking around — we have a lot of creative energy to share!02.09.2014 – 1:47pmReplyCancel

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