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A couple things to start off with — I’ve been having some awful back trouble the last couple weeks which is really putting a crimp in my creative vibe and ability! I am hoping I am on the upswing now YAY! Next, you’ve heard me talk about my ScrapRack a few times already, so I’ll keep my SR-groupie-ness under control today ;) and just mention that I’m participating in the Get Organized Challenge, which guides you through a BRILLIANT way to sort and store your papercrafting/scrapbooking supplies, including your photos and memorabilia.


That leads us into today’s project. This is my “Big Benefit” board. Creating a Big Benefit board is part of the first week’s challenge. There’s some (non-SR) story behind them, but for me it serves as a good way to focus my energies on earning my chosen rewards for each of the 8 Challenges as well as making me think of what the true benefits of getting this crafty stuff organized will be. I created myself a 9th goal and reward for completing the whole thing!

My benefits: hopefully less frustration with my storage containers BECAUSE THERE WON’T BE ANY, I’ll have progress toward getting the whole ~studio~ finished, I’ll be able to unashamedly share my space — yayyyy!!!, I won’t buy another of something because I didn’t realize I already bought it because I never put it away (I *know* I’m not the only one that does this, so no judging!) and I’ve met some wonderful and supportive ScrapRack-ers, papercrafters, scrapbookers, and organized-wannabe’s like me!

Benefits-and-Rewards-Board. My benefits for going through the Get Organized Challenge at thescraprack.com website include meeting some great new friends online!

Confession: I love to organize stuff! The real confession behind that confession: then it all falls apart because I don’t put new stuff, or things I’ve used, away. Regularly. Very often. Or even at all. So then I have to start over :P That pleases the part of me that loves to sort and categorize stuff, but frustrates the part of me that just wants to play with my toys and get on with the fun!

Benefits-and-Rewards-Board -- leaving space behind each brad to hang things on.

And why do we always think a better container or different shelves will solve the problem? Sometimes it does, indeed! But often your SYSTEM doesn’t fit your STUFF (or space)… or it could also be that your STUFF doesn’t fit your SYSTEM (or space.) Β Right now I have a S.E.R.I.O.U.S case of my fabric not fitting my system or my space, my scrapbooking stuff not fitting my style of getting things out and putting them away, and my personality being petrified at the whole gigantic mess! LOL Yes, laughing, really, because I’m not really petrified in fear, just stuck bcause of ordinary procrastination.

We all know those monumental tasks are best broken down into manageable goals, from which you can pull To-Do List items, and those let you get on with the bits and pieces of effort that finally deliver you to the glorious destination of The Land of Mission Accomplished!


A board like my Get Organized Challenge Benefit/Reward board could be used for any set of sequential goals you may have. Assign yourself some rewards you don’t normally do for yourself, then take the guilt-free time and/or money and go do them once the goal has been accomplished. Coming up with rewards is a fun thing!


I styled this board after those cute Advent Calendars done up with tags that I saw this fall. Love me some tags! Those tags gave me the chance to open almost every spool of the baker’s twine package Sam and I shared — the baker’s twine that’s on our facebook cover photo just now, actually. Add some doodling, my everyday handwriting — I’ve gotten over hating it, and this project is just for me. Give me easy access my supplies and tools (the ones I’ve already organized or at least unburied) and that results in a board that’s motivating and makes me smile!


I have one more To-Do to achieve my Challenge #1 goal, which is to gather everything together into one place. Slow going, but I’m getting there! However, I saw my Cropper Hopper Paper Holders on sale and so already granted myself that reward #1. On Monday, when I’m done gathering things up, I’ll turn that tag over and focus on Challenge #2!

Wish me luck!


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