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Photo Comparisons!

Abbi, 5 months_0001

Every month on the 17th (or sometimes on the 18th if I’m being honest) I drag out my little studio set up and create the same scene.

So I can take the exact same photo.

Except of course, the tiny human in that photo has grown one month bigger.

A snuggly newborn, to chicken legs in month 1, the need of a binky in months 2 and 3 in order to remain calm, real smiles in month 4, to a full-blown push up this month (and also… no chicken legs, lol).  I’m loving documenting this growth progression, and am thankful that I have the equipment to do it every month!

Abbi, 5 months_0002

And in a super slow photography business month of January, it was nice to take some nicer photos and play around with this goofy girl!

Abbi, 5 months_0003

And PLEASE, as always, if you attempt photos like these yourself… always, ALWAYS have a spotter for babies!  Abbi tried to roll off this bed multiple times, and Daddy was there to catch her just off frame (or on frame and I photoshopped out a hand).  :)

Safety trumps a good photo any day!

Abbi, 5 months_0004

I love that little bottom left photo in the collage above… she has such a littler personality at 5 months!!  LOVING it!


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