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2014: Just Make Stuff


2014: Just Make Stuff. The subtitle should be Lots of Stuff, All the Time.

My usual excitement over the New Year’s Resolution thing is missing this year. But I’m A-OK with that — it’s because I’ve already been working into my 2014 resolution for a few weeks now.

I have just one goal this year. One guiding principle. It’s not even a real resolution. And it covers all the bases people usually make resolutions about: eating better, exercising more, connecting with family, shopping restrictions ;), housekeeping *blech!*, doing creative projects — everything!

Are you ready? Here it comes: Make each Today into a Yesterday I will look back on and be happy about.

It’s immediate. It provides its own feedback. It’s something I can glance at every morning (on my bathroom mirror) and instantly be on-track with my day :)

There’s a long explanation that goes along with that, but I’ve just deleted it and am substituting this: a) you can get into the habit of resting too much even if you HAVE to rest for some reason, and b) even if you are resting, there are TONS of creative activities to do, and c) there’s nothing wrong with making a goal that is based on looking back instead of foward if it is going to change your mentality for the better!

How I ended up during this past year neglecting yarning and beading and embroidering (and etc!) as resting activities, I’ll never know. They are now back on that list, along with all the etc’s I can think up!

So…  what will today look like tomorrow? A friend recently helped me realize I’m more of a keeper/collector than a doer and that actually shocked me, but immediately rang true. Bring on the doing, please!  I NEED to make Todays into Yesterdays I can look back on and be happy about. Maybe just content, but quite possibly even thrilled by what I created!

Plain and simple, I didn’t make enough stuff in 2013. This year I want to make more stuff. I don’t want to look back at my resting Yesterdays and think, “Oh, I could have been making stuff but I didn’t.” I want to make stuff all the time! I need to remember to Just Make Stuff.

I have all the supplies. Oh, yeah. And tools. Yup. Never short on ideas either. Never! I need to stop thinking about getting organized beforehand or being frustrated that I’m not. No wondering if I will have the time or energy, no overplanning … just make stuff. Regular stuff. Fun stuff. Creative stuff. Original stuff. Stuff that works for the energy of that day or week. Stuff that doesn’t require a big plan, elaborate preparations, an organized workspace, clearing of the mind… just regular, fun, creative, relaxing, do-able stuff.


Here in Gail-land, there’s plenty of craft and sewing organzing that needs thinking about and doing. Unorganized craft supplies are the bane of my crafting existence. (I know I’m not the only one!) My studio is torn apart and stuck in re-model/re-organize/redecorate limbo. Still. I literally have to wade through stacks fabric to get to certain parts of my sewing/craft room. Unearthing bins of supplies, finding what I need, and then putting them away (eventually) is a not part of any fun creative experience. Which means I am not making stuff freely and easily and frequently, and not having as much fun when I do.

I had an organizational epiphany this past autumn. I jumped on the ScrapRack bandwagon. No, this is not a advertisement for them, but I could go on and on about why I love my ScrapRack for storing my papercrafting supplies. The epiphany came about because the ScrapRack is not just a storage item, but a way of thinking about HOW and WHERE you store stuff. (I will just say that if you are frustrated with digging through stacks of containers, boxes, jars, tubs — stacking and unstacking and fighting for space and why are these freakin’ LIDS always in my way — you might be interested in the principles.)

Putting my ScrapRack into use has C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.L.Y changed the way I think about organizing, storing, and reaching for all my other crafting and sewing supplies. Even if I keep all my other craft supplies in those irksome containers, a bit of shuffling, some realistic purging, and an visual inventory will have them far more workable.

Eventually THIS YEAR, I’ll get the two walls of wallpaper stripped and repainted and then the ~studio~ can finally become Gail’s Creative Studio. The work surfaces will become usable work surfaces, the storage will get a shakedown and I’ll be able to make bigger, messier (fun creative original) stuff more freely and easily and frequently, angels will sing, the bathroom will clean itself, and I’ll never get another speeding ticket.

OK, maybe not all of that ;)


Meanwhile, I can still Just Make Stuff: yarny stuff, beady stuff, thready stuff, paper stuff. Those supplies and tools are decently available even in my studio disarray and those activities are doable even on my low energy days, and those projects will make my Todays into Yesterdays I can smile about!

2014 — Just Make Stuff!


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